Love is You Fighting Me Over the Comfy Sweatpants


and then letting me wear them anyway. But only after we dueled each other in a good wrestling match.  Love is you remembering that the light bulb in my bathroom broke and buying me a new one without me asking because you know I’d take forever to fix it myself. Love is you always filling up a glass of water for me with every meal even if I insist I’m not thirsty. You’re right, water is good for me.

Love is you buying me my own ultra fluffy blanket because you know how much I love yours. I’m wrapped up in it as we speak.
Love is you being patient with me when I’m PMSing and showing up with Ben & Jerry’s, pain killers and a hot water bottle on the first day of my period. Love is you knowing that I don’t always like myself and you repeatedly saying how much you wished that I could see myself through your eyes. I think eventually I will. Love is sitting in the hot bath together and getting tipsy on cold white wine. Love is not being afraid of having arguments but ending them with snuggles.

Love is staying up until 5am, picturing our first apartment together. Love is you always taking my calls, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Love is you never failing to ask if I want to join you and your friends in your evening plans and being excited about becoming part of my friend group too. Love is us talking about the good, the bad, the ugly. Love is you pulling me closer at night and waking me with forehead kisses in the morning. Love is you always making me a priority, even when I don’t ask for it. Love is making me snort with laughter and giving me back massages so I can fall asleep even when you’re already dead tired. Love is you reading Game of Thrones to me and giving the characters funny voices. Love is you telling me I am your best friend (on this side of the globe). Love is giving me enough reasons to continue this list for another ten pages…