Your Text is Five Months Late

To the guy that messaged me out of the blue months after ghosting me:

Your text is five months late
I finally stopped caring
I finally stopped waiting for you to come around
I almost forgot how to talk to you
I don’t know how to respond to a stranger
Who was once much more than that
How do we go from exchanging secrets
To exchanging small talk?
How do we talk about nothing
When we used to talk about everything?

Your text is five months late
I had to triple check the sender’s name
Because you were the last person I expected to hear from.
You have the weirdest timing- almost as if you sensed that I slipped away.
But your text was exactly what I needed
To conclude once and for all that you aren’t worth spending another thought on anymore
Another minute of sleepless nights anymore
Any part, however tiny, in my heart anymore.
Time has done it’s magic and I’m done being part of your game
So, Goodbye for good now

And also, Fuck You.