Lesson 49: Holding The High Watch


Woah, last chapter! After about three months, I have finally finished this book. Or should I say sadly? Despite the couple chapter that were strongly related to spirituality and/or God, I really liked this daily routine of exploring yet another part of my life, love life and soul. I don’t think it did miracle work and is now leading “The One” into my life and that’s okay. Sometimes, I started a chapter very confidently and finished it feeling overwhelmed by issues I didn’t know I had. And that’s okay, too. I think overall the book helped me understand what to watch out for once I am back in a relationships, which habits I want to let go of and what kind of mindset I want to cultivate. I am also glad I did this challenge while single and not particularly looking to date anyone seriously. I felt it gave me a certain objectivity without relating every problem to that significant other or feeling desperation to really be with someone. After all, that is a main part of the message: Work on yourself. I do notice that certain chapters have slightly changed how I interact with others- I practice active listening. I stop myself from grabbing my phone as an automated reaction to having nothing to do. I am more open to the people I meet. I try not to blame external circumstances for a situation I complain about but ask myself what I could have done differently to achieve a different result. Today’s chapter reminded the reader that the features we are looking for in others are often the characteristics we would be cultivating in ourselves if we were being true to our highest aspirations.

“Contrary to popular opinion, all the good ones are not taken. They are, however, holding out for someone as fabulous as they are.”

For this last practice exercise, it was time to make “The List.” For that, I was supposed to write down all those qualities that I was looking for in a life partner. Then, I should narrow it down to the top five qualities and make a promise to myself to date those who appear to have these qualities and to refrain from dating those who don’t. Next, for each of these five qualities, I also had to make a promise to myself that I was going to do all I could to develop these very qualities within myself. This exercise was fun! I don’t wanna publish that list because I’m not quite finished yet, but it’s off to a great start. And from here on, I guess I’ll go back to actually blogging about life in Berlin and California!

Cheers, and thanks for following this little spiritual 47-day journey 🙂